Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection (PFP) is an integral component of the components of structural fire protection and fire safety in a building. PFP attempts to contain fires or slow the spread, such as by fire-resistant walls, floors, and doors. PFP systems must comply with the associated listing and approval use and compliance in order to provide the effectiveness expected by building codes.

Fire Door


  • Open Style: Swing
  • Door Type: Double Door
  • Finish: Color Coated
  • Material: Hard wood/Teak wood
  • Opeartion: Press And Pull
  • Color: Red
  • Side: Two Side
  • Intumescent Fire Seal Strip Size: 15mm x 4mm
  • Wood Section Size: 150mm x 95mm

Fire Retardant Paint


  • Water based white intumescent, fire retardant coating for structural steel, beams & columns.
  • Ideal for all steels, metal beams, columns, hollow sections, cellular beams.
  • Easy to apply.

Fire Wall

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