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A.R.K Fire Fighting Manufacture Co. is one of the leading fire fighting equipment supplier for fire safety in Bangladesh. Our company deals with a multitude of fire extinguishers and fire protection products like Fire Suppression System, Water mist & Specialized Products etc. Fire is the one of the biggest foe of human kind. Without proper safety measures, this it can lead to cruel catastrophe.  At A.R.K Fire Fighting Manufacture Co., we understand that fire safety equipment are very crucial for saving lives. This is why our target is always to provide top-notch equipment and innovative solutions for saving your properties, business & houses.

The Only Place Where You’ll Get All Types Of Fire Protection Equipment For Your Industry Needs.

Our Service Includes:

  • Fire Extinguisher Refilling Service.
  • Auto Fire Extinguisher System.
  • Fire Alarm & Detection System.
  • Fire Protection System.
  • Fire Hydrant System.
  • Fire Fighting Safety Equipment.
  • FM200 Fire Suppression System.
  • Novice 1230 Fire Suppression System.
  • Co2 Fire Suppression System.
  • P.A System.

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